They're Both Right

Independent candidates for office have the potential to alter the political calculus of a given race, but, perhaps more importantly, they can also change our very notions of what constitutes the liberal and conservative positions on a whole host of issues, at least so far as these are defined by the duopoly actors in the contest. In New Jersey's gubernatorial race, independent candidate Chris Daggett may be able to accomplish something along these lines, and arguably, he already has. Last week, Dagget unveiled his plans for a major overhaul of New Jersey's educational system. At The Examiner, Anthony Walko argued that Dagget was "more conservative than the Republican [Chris Christie] on education . . . Christie’s proposal for education just throws money at the problem." If Republicans feared that Daggett's candidacy would likely only siphon votes away from Christie, today they may be heartened, it has become clear that the independent is an equal opportunity spoiler. The New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed Daggett for governor. Eric Kleefield states at TPMDC, "With state environmental activists backing him, it would seem more likely that he would take votes away from the Democrats as opposed to the Republicans." However, as Josh Margolin notes at the Star-Ledger, "Both Cozine [D] and Christie [R] believe the other is hurt more by the presence of a strong independent candidate." Maybe they're both right.


Alex Higgins said...

Their both right... the other candidate is just unacceptable!!

Why should we be forced to choose between a Giant Douche (Chris Christie) and a Turd Sandwich (John Cozine)??

We need to fight this mentality:

If you can't choose an candidate choose the one who will do least harm

How ridiculous ... I have a much better Idea

Let's say no to the lesser of two evil politics that got us into this mess in the first place and vote for Daggett!!

Corzine has a track record that speaks for itself. And we are all disgusted by the corruption that has plagued our state under his watch. But what's the only thing NJ voter's despise more than corruption? Corruption and Hypocrisy and that's what we find with Chris Christie.

Those of you who still believe in Christie as a crusader against corruption, don't be surprised as more of his skeletons come out of the closet. You need only do a little due diligence for yourself, as I did after I decided that I was not going to vote for Corzine, to learn that Chris Christie is Corrupt.

Make a difference. Vote For DAGGETT!!! And tell a friend about it

In fact, I am going to go over to the Sierra Club's website and find out information about donating to their organization.

d.eris said...

Thanks for the comment Alex, I just linked NJ Election 09 in the sidebar.