The Signature Hurdle

At the Phoenix New Times, James King asks Arizonans if they are "sick and tired of Republicans and Democrats." Though clearly skeptical of third party activism, King writes:
As both Republicans and Democrats in the Arizona Legislature are failing miserably at agreeing on a state budget, three new political parties are emerging on our state's political landscape.

The American Independent Party, the Constitution Party, and the Modern Whig Party are fighting to get on the Arizona ballot in time to have candidates run in the 2010 election cycle. They each need 20,449 validated signatures from registered Arizona voters.

Like always with new parties, officials say they aim to offer a buffet-style ballot box for voters frustrated with the two-party system.

In other petitioning news, the Moderate Party of Rhode Island may become the first group to qualify as a political party via the petition method. And, unfortunately, the California Moderate Party will not seek to qualify for the 2010 ballot.

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