Fusion Voting in Oregon (Update)

Last week I relayed word of Oregon House Bill 2414, which would effectively create a fusion-style voting system in Oregon and was notably supported by the Oregon Independent Party and the Oregon Working Families Party. The word at the time was that the bill was hung up in committee. But it has since passed in the state senate. Jeff Mapes reports at The Oregonian:

On the last day of the session, you might say the Oregon Legislature struck a blow for political activists who operate outside the two-party system. After a long fight - which mostly seemed to play out behind closed doors - lawmakers passed Senate Bill 326, which did two things. It repealed a 2005 law that made it hard for non-affiliated candidates to qualify for the ballot in Oregon. And it allowed candidates to list other parties (up to two) that have nominated them in addition to their main parties . . . Of course, it's not a certainty that fusion voting will actually happen. Gov. Ted Kulongoski hasn't yet decided whether he will sign the bill, and I suspect he'll be getting an earful on whether he should.

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