Third Party Activism from the Bottom Up

In a post from last week on the potential for third party activism in Massachusetts, I remarked that . . .
there is no reason beyond lack of imagination to assume that the ideal two-party state is one controlled by Democrats and Republicans, especially in a state as liberal as Massachusetts. Left-wing and moderate third party activists should be hard at work in the commonwealth, chipping away at the Democratic base.
At the time, I was unaware that the Greens were indeed hard at work. Kimberly Wilder relays word of a number of local offices won by Green Party candidates in New England:
For the past few weeks, the national Green Party web-site featured five Green Party candidates running on June 9th for local office in Maine and Massachusetts. According to the front page update today, four out of five won their races . . . Elected were: Anna Treverrow for Portland Charter Commission in Maine; Ben Chipman for Portland Charter Commission in Maine; and Joyce Palmer-Fortune for Wheatley Select Board in Franklin County, Massachusetts. Re-elected was: Nat Fortune for Wheatley Elementary School Committee in Franklin County, Massachusetts.

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