The Duopoly and the Binary Fallacy

At The People's Voice, Michael Collins calls out the duopoly on the binary fallacy and calls for the end of the two-party system. He reminds liberals and Democrats (many of whom still naively believe that their preferred party and candidate is capable of delivering "change") of their own continuing complicity in maintaining Bush-era policies:
Congressional Democrats voted in the majority to authorize the Iraq invasion. They voted in the majority to fund the Iraq adventure long after the lies leading to war were well known. A majority of Senate Democrats voted for the Patriot Act. A Democratic controlled Senate allowed further government spying on personal communication (FISA Amendments) in 2008 and a third of Senate Democrats supported the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which gutted habeas corpus, and

Democrats voted for the initial Wall Street welfare bill; also known as the bailout. Right now, the Obama administration is responsible for doubling the Bush administrations cash transfer form the U.S. Treasury to Wall Street and the banks. Democrats failed to pass the only major bill to ease rampant foreclosures. This left 1.7 million families likely to lose their homes. Democrats did pass a credit card reform bill but forgot to cap those 29% interest limits that the banks arbitrarily assign.

There was an announced policy to leave Iraq. To date, all we've seen are plans to open up a new phase of the Afghan war with tens of thousands of troops simply switching job assignments from Iraq to an even more treacherous landscape.


Michael Collins said...

Thanks so much for carrying this. The two party system is ending itself. Just compare how FDR handled the Great Depression and pose these questions: Would he ever have given almost all of the resources/money to the banks and Wall Street? Would he have left out the people by failing to get any significant legislation passed?

There's no institutional or historical memory. The Democrats who give speeches on Jefferson-Jackson Day need to look to more recent history and help citizens, not the Ponzi scheme generating Wall Street welfare crowd.

Time for truth!

Thanks again.

d. eris said...

It was a good article. Keep 'em coming.