Mockery in the Making

The continuity of policy between the Obama and Bush administrations in the realms of foreign affairs and economy belie the illusion of difference central to duopoly ideology. Political changelings are the children of the bipoligarchy. In a piece for Real Clear Markets, Bill Frezza develops the comparison and contrast, asking: is Obama the next Bush? He writes:
Oddly enough, Bush’s last act as president was to pave the way for Obama’s dive into the banking, insurance, and automobile businesses, making a mockery of the Republican Party’s free market rhetoric. And Obama’s first act as president was to beef up the war in Afghanistan and extend the lease at Guantanamo, making a mockery of the Democratic Party’s anti-war rhetoric.
Perhaps one reason why there is so little serious critique of the two-party system in American politics is because the duopoly parties make a mockery of themselves.

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