Apology for the Duopoly

In a piece for Op-Ed News, J. Edward Tremlett aims to debunk the "myth of the duopoly" but instead delivers a rambling broadside against a straw-man antagonist. It his were a serious critique, I would consider engaging his arguments. As this is not the case, however, perhaps it is better simply to allow the hyperbolic satire to speak for itself, as it were, thereby revealing its own position of enunciation.

On Tremlett's view, the anti-duopolist is a composite image of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, right-wing extremists, Naderites, anti-Semites, potheads, Freud's Judge Schreber, 9/11 Truthers, UFO researchers, self-described liberals, progressives, and the activist left. Not surprisingly, by a process of political elimination, the only viable political position with which the author leaves his readers is cynical pragmatism and middle-of-the-road political defeatism, in other words, status-quo realism, the last refuge of the apologist for the duopoly.


Samuel Wilson said...

I went ahead and read the commentary, and it struck me that Tremlett himself was the straw man. At least I found myself wishing he only had a brain. Sadder yet was that the real reason to complain about a "duopoly" or "bipolarchy" hasn't yet come up for discussion in the 31 comments posted (as I write) in response to Tremlett's remarks.

d.eris said...

Reading his blog, the appropriately named Rant Farm it seems like Tremlett has spent a little too much time in the online feverswamps and not enough considering the political and philosophical implications of the two-party state.