Two Party Statism

IPR and BAN relay a report on a lawsuit filed by the Libertarian and Green Parties against the state of North Carolina to sue for less draconian ballot access laws. The state's deputy attorney general, Alexaner Peters, argued against any such change to the law. His reasoning reveals the morally and politically bankrupt attitude that undergirds the two party duopoly on the political process:
“The larger the ballot, the greater the potential for errors and complications,” Peters said, arguing that allowing third parties to proliferate would complicate the administration of elections. Judge Sanford L. Steelman Jr., one of the three justices hearing the case, asked Peters if that was sufficient grounds to make ballot access more difficult. “We could solve all of it by just having one party,” Steelman quipped, sparking chuckles from his colleagues. Peters said that there would probably at least always be two parties. (Emphasis added.)
By Peters' logic, we might as well repeal the constitution and do away with elections altogether.

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