Two Front Opposition to the Two Party State

Given the GOP's complete failure to uphold its supposed core principles of small government, fiscal conservatism and individual liberty over the last thirty years, it was only a matter of time before actual conservatives began to ask themselves why exactly they continue to support that party and draw the obvious conclusion in greater numbers. Pink Elephant Pundit reflects on a piece by Rick Moran on the illusion of opportunity for Republicans in near term elections, and lays out the situation:
Even under the most conservative American President in history, government did not shrink. Reagan said that once government is there, it never goes away. And it’s entirely too true. This is not a new problem - this has been a long time coming. Pure logic - when something keeps growing, and never shrinks, it is eventually going to get too big. And the GOP can stand around preaching small government all day long, but the hard truth is that they have not EVER been able to make it happen. The fact that their credibility has been completely blown away is not going to help win elections.
She continues:
There is little logic to our fear of a GOP failure. As conservatives, we should understand that no institution is ever “too big” to fail . . . our country is not going to just hand itself over to a one party system . . . if the recent conservative/libertarian movements are any indicator, there will be a quick rise of another party. Maybe it would be nice to have the GOP out of the way to give someone else a chance.
This is yet another proof of the opportunity afforded to third party activists by the implosion of the Republican Party and the rise in political consciousness among previously a-political sectors of the electorate. Further, it supplements the idea that the reigning two-party system may be most vulnerable to third party agitation not in competitive locales, but rather precisely in those where it is the most stable. There are opportunities for real growth of an opposition to the two party state on both sides of this political equation.


AnarchyJack said...

You, sir, are a visionary. I'm following this thread by email now, so add a comment and let me know if you would like my help in expanding your movement.

d.eris said...

Thanks for the comment and support, Jack. I've been reading your Manifestos from the Decline site for a couple weeks, which is right in line with the outlook here at the mad tea party. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I couldn't seem to find a well established third party and/or independent blog network, even though there are a lot of people out there who are fed up with the Republicrat/Demoblican bipoligarchy. I think the first step is just linking up.

AnarchyJack said...

I believe that you're correct. Several months ago, I posted a thread "There are 10 Kinds of People in the World: those that Understand Binary, and those that Don't" As a geek, I fall into the former category, where, as an individual within a political structure, I fall into the latter. You can answer a lot of questions yes/no, true/false, present/absent, but there are any number of questions which defy simplistic binary answers. We are currently in a Constitutional crisis because both sides of the political equation are driven by their ideals and worldview, which too often attempt to circumvent the Constitutional limits on Government. By reducing the argument to a simple dichotomy, they distract from all other voices, such as your own, who would warn Americans, as Benjamin Franklin did, that those who would trade their sacred freedoms for safety, in the end will have (and deserve) neither.