Saving America from Itself

With the upcoming tax day tea party protests, and the media blather heightening their profile, the question for many of these activists has become: so what to do next? As has been noted here before, infiltration is high on the list of strategic proposals. Asking "Where do we go from here?" Free America makes the case today:
The simple fact of the matter is in America, we have a two party system. The Democrats are wholly owned by George Soros, Moveon, Acorn and other radical groups. That leaves only the Republican Party. I know many will scream the Republicans got us into this mess. I agree . . . But if we just throw out the party, we will not stop the Democrats . . . I tell people I do not want the Republican Party to take over the Tea Party Movement. I want the Tea Party Movement to take over the Republican Party. We have to act now to save America. If we do not, there maybe no America left to save.
The author agrees that the Republican Party is half of the problem while holding that it is simultaneously the only solution. Thus, this is nothing more than the same old lesser-of-two-evils argument, a rearguard plea to sustain the reactive politics of the two-party system. That this argument must be made at all indicates a significant weakness in the two-party front. The simple fact, however, is that to save America from itself, Americans must free themselves from the ideology of the duopoly.

Update: In turning down Michael Steele's request to speak at their protest next week, the organizers of the Chicago tea party demonstrate their recognition that, like the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is part of the problem.

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