Extra Support for Third Party Politics

You know the two-party system is in trouble when women's undergarment manufacturers start to tap into the anti-duopoly segment of their market. In an article cross posted on a number of different websites, A. Jacobsen makes the case for Tatiana bras:
The Tatiana brand is synonymous with fashion bras in hard to find sizes. Being a leader in charitable giving is the mission of this company, and it is doing it in a unique way. They do not ask their customers to give anything, instead they take a percentage of each sale and give to social and environmental charities. Ishopconscious is the company that makes this philosophy possible for Tatiana. It is seeking to make a network of businesses and customers that share its vision. The founder of this company designs the Tatiana label . . . Ishopconcious has political aspirations as well . . . Using the power of its customers to finance a campaign, it will endeavor to bring a new political party to power. A political party that shares a common belief, and will allow our nation to break away from our failing two party system.
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