Curse in Disguise

In a piece on the "Danger of the GOP's Demise," Reasonable Insights considers a number of arguments against the two party system, but they all boil down to one objection: the two party system is ultimately already a "one-party system tending toward corporatism." If both parties are of equal strength, Perkinson writes, "they may gradually become very similar to compete for votes, resulting in a gradual trend toward a one-party system." On the other hand, when the parties are of unequal strength, due to weakness of the one, or the strength of the other, the outcome is more or less the same, "a dominant-party system may develop." If this is the case, then the GOP's rise or demise, which of course correlates to the Democrats' demise and rise, is nothing more than a modulation of the same paradoxical function, which both prevents unity and fosters division, to the benefit of corporatist interests. In this sense, there is no danger in the GOP's demise, except, perhaps in the rise of the Democrats, who continue their common work.


NJ Centrist said...

Although their policy objectives are different, the two parties are similar in their methods, demeanor, and determination to subdue one another to create their own “permanent majorities”. This tribal warfare leaves the nation with significant collateral damage, as we accrue an unthinkable national debt, as well as other problems. For now, the Republicans are in an identity crisis of their own making, which is an opportunity for centrists. If we can get sufficiently organized, a centrist party would do the country a great service by simultaneously giving both parties “permanent minorities” forcing a real change in the political dynamic. However, this must be done quickly, because the Republicans will not remain paralyzed for too long.

I liked what I read on the US Centrist Party website, but they (or is it just John Reisman?) remain unresponsive. The American Centrist Party seems to be more active, and possibly a better rallying point for action and change.

d. eris said...

"this must be done quickly"

Exactly. Duopolist naysayers often argue that an effective third party organization would take decades to build. Given the right conditions, however, it could happen at political light-speed.

It does appear that the US Centrist Party is only John Reisman, but I know of others who are members. Maybe I was just confusing the 'US' with the 'American' centrist party though. Thanks for the tip, I'll check them out.

NJ Centrist said...

I meant no disrespect to John Riesman, or the US Centrist Party. I would love to see the US Centrist Party, the American Centrist Party, and other centrists join forces. Perhaps a Centrist Convention of some sort would be in order.