Continuity (Un)interrupted

In duopoly politics, the appearance of opposition obscures the practical collusion of both parties in instrumentalizing the popular will to the benefit of special interests directly opposed to those of the populace at large. In this vein, Vox Popoli sees the 'counter-push principle' at work in the Obama administration's continuation of the Bush administration's response to the crisis of global capitalism: "The party which is supposedly against something is used to punch a hole through the wall of popular opinion, then the other party exploits the breach." In terms of foreign policy, on the other hand, Buelahman's Redstate Revolt observes, "most Americans believe we have a two-party system of politics. In actuality, this is far from being true because the owners control both parties and the results are basically the same when either party controls congress or the Whitehouse . . . They are being paid to carry forward the empire and the US citizenry is doing the paying . . . even if the empire is funded by corporate cronies and bankers, ultimately they get the money from us."

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