What Should Be

At What Should Be, Kevin Bliss cannot see any way forward in our "broken political [read: two-party] system" and recognizes the need for "a viable third party or at least a third force, of independents, who could advocate for the rational without concern for party identification or special interests." Indeed. However, it should be noted that such a 'third force' already exists. As a block, they are generally referred to as independents, or swing voters, and their support is highly valued by both sides of the duopoly come campaign season. Independents cannot supply the change K.B. thinks is necessary because they are 'independent' only in the sense that they may vote Republican one cycle and Democratic in the next, or split their ballots between the two for different races in the same cycle. Such voters are thus not independent of the system which forces them to vote for one of two evils, whichever one they think is the greater or lesser. A viable third party is needed. But what is needed even more is people like K.B. to support them. That is the difference between a viable and non-viable third party.

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