The Two Party Delusion

David Lindorff writes today on what he calls the "third party delusion and the need for a mass movement for progressive change." Typical of those who suffer from the two party delusion, he offers up the usual duopolist arguments against third party politics (ex. national third party candidacies are not politically viable, the duopoly parties would never let it happen etc.) while agreeing, in principle, that a multiparty system is more desirable than perennial rule by the lesser or greater of two evils. The contradiction is readily apparent in his logic. He writes: "Today there is no mass base for a socialist party." Yet, responding to critics in the comment thread, he elaborates upon his call for a mass movement for progressive change, suggesting "a jobless march on Washington, with a goal of 2 million unemployed workers and their families calling for" the usual list of socialist and labor party programs. In the two party delusion, there is no basis for a third party, except for all the people who are fed up with the policies promulgated by the corporate duopoly.

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