Against Infiltration

Libertarian leaning Steve V from Sacramento makes the point that "the U.S. constitution and the ideals of our founding fathers were based on libertarian values," that is, individual liberty, but argues that "neither republicans nor democrats are the friends of libertarians." It is therefore surprising to find that he thinks the libertarians' "only hope is that we infiltrate these parties with liberty-minded individuals, such as Ron Paul in the Republican party." The hope of infiltrating the duopoly parties with ideals which are effectively counter to their political agendas has been dashed by the structure and organization of the two party system time and again. Ron Paul's own position in the last presidential election was that people whose values and interests are not represented by the duopoly parties should vote third party. Why infiltrate a party that is either indifferent or overtly hostile to your political ideals when you could support one which explicitly espouses them, in this case, the Libertarian Party of California?

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