Accountability Now and Then

J.D. at The Modern Left reflects on the tension between centrist and liberal Democrats apparent in the opposition of so-called "top Democrats" to the new PAC Accountability Now. (In the AP report on the rift, we read: "Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, the Democrats' Senate campaign chief, said he wasn't familiar with the group, but called it "a bad idea."" If only "top Democrats" were spontaneously skeptical of the positions held by their corporate bosses.) Accountability Now states that its core missions is "challenging the institutional power structures" entrenched in the Congress. One wonders whether it has occurred to the folks at the new PAC, staffed and supported as it seems to be by Good Democrats, that the broadest institutional power structure that supports an accountability-free government is the two-party system. On this score, J.D. makes a good point: "Maybe Accountability Now will be able to push more progressive candidates, but hopefully they won't limit themselves solely to Democratic progressive candidates. Other voices need to be heard, too." Indeed.

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